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May 5, 2005

A new picture to share

Lauren pointing.jpg

I don't remember what she was pointing at but it seems pretty important to her.

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May 3, 2005

Lauren update

Lauren has been very busy. She is now walking like crazy and has found true happiness by dragging my socks all over the house. We even brought one to school this morning! Lauren spent alot of time outside this weekend. She played soccer with me on Saturday - I think we have a Mia Hamm in the making - and we played with bubbles on Sunday. Lauren discovered that grass comes up if you pull on it and she spent a good ten minutes pulling grass and handing it to me. Lauren is now wearing her sunglasses and she looks very cool in them. I hope to have a picture of this very soon.

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Easter Dress


Lauren in her Easter Dress at Nanna and PawPaw' beach house.

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